As you can see from the very attractive people in the pictures above, the season has started! A camp worth your time should include 2 studs for coaches (Jon and I), detailed workouts, each precisely fitting in their place and most importantly, FUN. Beyond the physical stresses, your mind must to be engaged too! This means paying attention to the nutrition presentations, swim demos, Training Peaks/power file analysis and running drill execution. There are always a few who really dive into this process and it’s likely those few who will have the most success. The missing link between your racing goals may not be MORE volume or MORE intensity, you may just need to get smarter.

The inaugural Tribal Mulit-Sport triathlon camp was not meant to destroy, leaving corpses on the side of the road. I would put it more along the lines of a “wake up call”. Overall, many hadn’t put in any long rides or hard efforts on the bike or run…so naturally we explored those regions of the pain cave. Our goal is to not only develop the body but to expand each athletes knowledge. This is precisely why our camps will include:

– Exploration of physical and mental boundaries
– Economic running techniques with pre-habilitation
– Nutritional planning for optimal health and performance
– Dynamic warm up techniques to aid with injury prevention
– Training Peaks utilization with a premium account
– Power file analysis