First, you aren’t just another “training plan” or another “race entry”.  Second, there isn’t a cookie-cutter training regime that will adapt to your busy, demanding lifestyle. Finally, a unique finely tuned endurance machine fills your cycling and running shoes, which need to be understood. I’ll be with you every step of the way, engineering a personal triathlon-training plan around your life and race plan.

My mission is not only to enhance your strengths but also to determine your limiting factors. A smarter athlete will always overcome unforeseen challenges presented on race day. I’ll never stop learning and pushing triathlon beyond all limits and I hope to instill TribePride into every athlete I encounter. Having worked my way into the ranks of the professional field in only 5 years, I know my hard work and knowledge base is proven. The bottom line is; I believe with the right mind and healthy body, I can make you the best version of YOU possible.