Zainab Al-Chalabi Savard

My name is Zainab, I was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. I moved to USA in 2007 by myself. It was terrifying but I was able to adapt and manage it. I always love sports but I never really practice any sports because women in my country don’t usually do that. At first I wanted to learn swimming because I have been always scared of water although I Pisces. Then I suffered from major depression because I was alone here so I decided to start running. A friend of mine that I met at Y told me that I should try triathlon. At the beginning I was not sure I could do that because I am not strong swimmer and the last time I used bike when I was 12. She let me borrow her bike and I fall many times. I was able to do my first sprint and then I was eager to do more and longer and now I am training for my Half iron man. I am person who never quit and always remind myself at the race to never quit despite how tired I am.